Villanova University

Spring 2018 Winners

Mary Rose Daily

Jennie Kerbeck

Collin Linden

Jess Moskal

Hannah Toohey


Spring 2018 Project Description

Villanova students were challenged to create a comprehensive marketing campaign that FOX Sports could utilize to drive awareness and excitement around BIG3 basketball.


Professor Profile

Tom Ksiazek

Tom Ksiazek

Tom Ksiazek (PhD, Northwestern University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at Villanova University. He teaches the Media Audiences course, among other media studies, journalism, and research methods courses. Keeping pace with the rapidly morphing media industry while anticipating the adjustments it must make to satisfy the needs of its audiences is Dr. Ksiazek’s specialty. He is knowledgeable about the various modes of multiplatform digital media and how they compete with and complement traditional media. Ksiazek is a good source for discussions about how communication education is changing to prepare the next generation of media practitioners. His research has been published in Journal of Communication, New Media & Society, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Mass Communication & Society, Journal of Media Economics, Atlantic Journal of Communication, Journalism Studies, and Digital Journalism.

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