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Fall 2014 Winners - APRIL MADE ME DO IT

John Burns

John Burns

Jack Burns is from Chicago Illinois where he went to the University of Chicago Lab High School. He is currently a senior in the Marshall School of Business, majoring in business administration with a minor in consumer behavior. He will be graduating in the upcoming May and is hoping to pursue a career in marketing or advertising. Jack has loved sports since he was young and his a huge Chicago sports fan, he also played four years of golf in high school and plays whenever he gets the chance. The Fox Sports University program has showed him an in depth look at sports and tv marketing and hopes to take this experience home to Chicago and his favorite teams.

“Having the experience to see a real business project through from start to finish is amazing while still in school”

“It was great to work in a more business like setting and present a project that we put our whole hearts into to a team from Fox that really cared about helping us learn and making our ideas the best they could be”

“Creating a complete IMC made our whole team think out of the box and be creative while still ensuring we were targeting our market in a directed and efficient way that was backed up by research and data”

“The most fun, rewarding and thought provoking project I’ve done at USC”

Jennifer Dagdigian

Jennifer Dagdigian

Jennifer was born and raised in Southern California and currently resides in Yorba Linda, California. She is graduating from the University of Southern California in May 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and a Minor in Advertising. Throughout her academic career at USC, she has pursued her love for marketing and advertising as the VP of Marketing for the Marshall Business Network, and has held various internships in brand management and operations. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in advertising and hopes to open her own advertising firm one day.

“The Fox Sports University project has been the most valuable experience of my college career. I’ve learned lessons I will take with me through the rest of my life.”

“The Fox Sports University project challenged me in new ways and has been the most fun and creative project I’ve ever been apart of.”

“It was so exciting to know that our ideas could come to life – that our team could make a difference in the real world.”

Jayden Yiwei Shu

Jayden Yiwei Shu

Jayden Yiwei Shu was born and raised in Shanghai, China, until age 9 when he immigrated to America. He will graduate in Dec 2014 from USC’s Marshall School of Business majoring in Business Administration with emphasis on Entrepreneurship. Jayden loves technology and studying market trends, and through these interests partnered up with his friend and registered their first start-up company over the summer in Aug 2014. He will fully dedicate his passion and skill set to his start-up after graduation, and hopes to add value to the world through technologies.

“Fox Sports University has provided me the experience of my life time; I learned to be responsible and to work with a diverse team. The experience is invaluable.”

“There is always going to be disagreements in Team, which is why every team members need to learn to communicate effectively.”

“Fox Sports University taught me that there is always going to be disagreements in Team, which is why every team members need to learn to communicate effectively.”

“Fox Sports University taught me to be honest and empathetic. Instead of making excuse for a fault, just be honest with other teammates, because they are empathetic, just like you.”

Samuel Kim

Samuel Kim

Originally from South Pasadena, California, Samuel is a recent graduate of USC with a B.A. in International Relations/Global Business (major) and Music Industry (minor) in December 2014. He plans on going to law school within the next few years to combine his interest in business, law, and entertainment/media. Samuel grew up with a music/art background, and he enjoys going to concerts, collecting records, and learning about the music industry.

“From the initial research process to the creative aspects of the project, it was amazing to see how our work was knitted together into an actual, implementable advertising campaign.”

“During my entire time at USC, this project has been the most challenging and demanding; however, concurrently, it was the most rewarding.”

“The Fox Sports campaign and the opportunity to broadcast our ideas and insights was one of the highlights of my undergraduate career.”

Marie-Laure Vaes

Marie-Laure Vaes

Marie-Laure is an international/exchange student at USC; she comes from Brussels (Belgium) and just spent the last semester in Los Angeles. Back in Belgium she will have a 3-month internship in an Ad Agency and at the end of the semester she will finish her Master Degree in Marketing. She will then be ready to find a job in a creative and innovative industry such as Advertising, Fashion or Design, which has always been her dream! Marie-Laure is a super dynamic and reliable person; she always has new ideas, is crazy about travelling and loved living in LA. She’ll definitely come back!

“I just loved the experience and can’t wait to see our ideas come to life!”

“Nothing is more valuable than having to solve a real and concrete business project! FOX Sports U program gave us that chance and I’m so grateful that I could take part to that challenge!”

“Coming from Belgium, I honestly didn’t know anything about the FSW and Prime Ticket teams or the market we had to work with. I really started from scratch but with my amazing team and a lot of research I could immerge myself in a totally new topic which was even more challenging and at the end, rewarding.”


Fall 2014 Project Description

In the fall of 2014, FOX Sports West and Prime Ticket challenged students at the University of Southern California to generate marketing campaigns that focused on “blowing out” April in the Los Angeles marketplace for all of FOX’s team partners: the Clippers, Angels, Ducks and Kings.


Professor Profile

Lisa Cavanaugh

Lisa Cavanaugh

Dr. Lisa Cavanaugh is an expert in consumer psychology who focuses on the role of emotion and relationships in consumption. She studies how momentary emotions, chronically experienced emotions, and emotional cues in natural shopping environments shape consumer behavior. Her research and commentary have appeared in multiple media outlets including CNN, NPR, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The Discovery Channel. Lisa earned her BA with Honors and Highest Distinction and her Ph.D. from Duke University. Lisa is currently on the marketing faculty at the University of Southern California,Marshall School of Business.

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