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Fall 2013 Winners - It's Hockey Time in SoCal

Dillon Railey

Dillon Railey

Dillon is originally from Del Mar, CA. He graduated from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration in May 2014. Dillon has always had a passion for music, advertising and television. He plans on traveling and actively looking for employment somewhere within the entertainment marketing industry.

“This whole experience allowed me to bring the knowledge from what I have learned in the classroom as well as at past internships and use it in a real life situation.”

“FOX Sports University allowed our team to truly see the great amount of dedication and work that goes into a marketing campaign!”

“Working with Fox Sports West as well as the Kings and the Ducks was a dream come true, it was amazing to watch and see all of our hard work pay off!”

“Creating this campaign was much more exhilarating than any other projects I have completed at USC. This is because instead of just pitching to the professor, we were actually pitching to a real life client!”

Winston Li

Winston Li

Winston Li is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania and set to graduate in 2015 from the University of Southern California.  He is pursuing a BS in Business Administration, with a focus on marketing. During his time at USC, he has held several marketing and sales related positions at various companies.  After college, he plans to enter the workforce in sales, marketing or human resources, and he would like to pursue advanced studies after gaining real world experience.

“It was amazing to see that the students actually had an impact on a real-life situation.  Without FOX Sports, this opportunity could not have been realized.”

“It was terrific to feel the sense of accomplishment after completing the project.  I was proud to have had a part in a large promotional campaign.”

“We were tasked with many duties, but this only pushed us to rise to the challenge.”

“I was able to learn about theories and practices in the classroom, and apply them with my team in the project immediately. This experience was one of the most enriching I’ve had in school.”


Fall 2013 Project Description

For the first time, FOX Sports paired up with USC’s Marshall School of Business in Fall 2013 . The project primarily focused on how to elevate the profile of hockey amongst Southern California sports fans. Students leveraged FOX Sports West’s team relationships with the LA Kings and the Anaheim Ducks to create comprehensive marketing campaigns that supported this goal.


Professor Profile

Lisa Cavanaugh

Lisa Cavanaugh

Dr. Lisa Cavanaugh is an expert in consumer psychology who focuses on the role of emotion and relationships in consumption. She studies how momentary emotions, chronically experienced emotions, and emotional cues in natural shopping environments shape consumer behavior. Her research and commentary have appeared in multiple media outlets including CNN, NPR, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The Discovery Channel. Lisa earned her BA with Honors and Highest Distinction and her Ph.D. from Duke University. Lisa is currently on the marketing faculty at the University of Southern California,Marshall School of Business.

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