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Fall 2013 Winners - Hockey Day 2015

Ehren Minkema

Ehren Minkema

Ehren is from Medina, Minnesota and just recently graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. He received his BA from the University’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication on the Advertising Track of the Journalism major. Ehren also received his minor from Carlson School of Management in Management. Ehren has a passion for digital and social media and is looking to pursue a career working to help an organization with their digital and social marketing and advertising. During his free time, Ehren loves playing games, going on runs around the Mississippi River, and keeping his social media accounts. He has worked positions in retail, promotions, and marketing.

“Working with FOX Sports North as part of the FOX Sports University program gave me a taste of how working a real-life client feels like.”

“The FOX Sports University program helped me develop skills in working with a team in order to achieve goals and deadlines.”

“Getting real time feedback on our work from industry professionals was such an incredible and eye-opening experience.”

“The FOX Sports University program was the highlight of my Fall semester, and will be a memory I will cherish forever.”

“I am confident that the skills and results I gained from working on my FOX Sports University project will help me in my future career.”

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Laura is a senior at the University of Minnesota where she majors in Journalism, focusing on Strategic Communications. She hopes to work with an advertising agency after taking a year to travel the world and explore new cultures. Laura’s career goals are also focused on working internationally in a metropolitan area for a few years. Laura is particularly interested in pursuing a career as a media and event planner for a local animal shelter/rescue.

“My experience with FOX Sports North and the FOX Sports U program was so beneficial in the sense that it showed me how to work with a close team of people and work through any problems as a group.”

“Getting to experience the process of creating an advertising campaign for Hockey Day Minnesota was both challenging and rewarding. It was amazing to see our ideas and hard work come together in the end.”

“Working on campaigns that are somewhat foreign to you can really increase your knowledge of the subject matter. In my case I learned a lot a lot about hockey and the hockey community.”

“Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity and experience. I learned so much through the program and know that I will learn even more in the next steps of the campaign.”

“I am so excited to get to work [with] the FOX Sports Networks team in the future!”

Lauren Nelson

Lauren Nelson

Lauren Nelson is graduating in Spring 2015, and is interested in pursuing a career in Art Direction in Advertising. Lauren has strong interests in design, and is currently pursuing a double major in Graphic Design and Strategic Communications-Advertising. Lauren focuses heavily on immersion in design projects. She currently serves as the Art Director at the Minnesota Daily, the Graphic Design Intern at Information Technology at the University of Minnesota, and an employee at Target Field.

“I very much enjoyed my time working with the FOX Sports U.”

“I would definitely say that it was the most real-life experience I have had in college to date, we got to plan the entire campaign and still felt we had the guidance and resources we needed to succeed.”

“After a long but wonderful semester of working on an awesome team nothing was more gratifying than presenting a project we were so proud of, except finding out that we were selected as the winning group!”

Lauren Mack

Lauren Mack

Lauren is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, where she earned her bachelor’s degree with a major in Strategic Communications and a minor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies.  She has been spending her time post-graduation doing an internship with Planned Parenthood as their Social Media and Communications Intern for the Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota branches. Lauren is looking toward a career in strategic planning for advertising.

“FOX Sports University not only gave me a great opportunity to practice working on a big project with a team of peers, it also gave us great real world experience.”

“Despite not knowing really anything about hockey beforehand, I ended up loving the project for Fox Sports U because it was so hands-on and made me practice my research skills.”

“Having an incentive like being involved with FOX Sports U to get the project done perfectly was such a great experience compared to many of my other class projects.”

Aman Bhakta

Aman Bhakta

Aman Bhakta is currently a senior at the University of Minnesota and will graduate in May 2015, earning a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis on Strategic Communication. Aman is currently the Digital Strategy Intern at BBDO Minneapolis and is passionate about continuing his work in the advertising industry.

“Working with FOX Sports North has given me the tools and confidence to further my career.”

“I am pleased to affirm that I would not have progressed this far in my career if it was not for the experience they provided.”

Matthew Abdo

Matthew Abdo

Matthew is a December 2013 graduate of the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication. Upon graduation, he immediately began working in advertising as a strategist for PHD Media – servicing the BBDO Minneapolis accounts. Prior to joining the advertising program, Matthew spent several years away from school working as a professional musician. Along with his brother and sister, he developed the original pop-rock band Lynhurst. The group commercially released four albums of original music and performed hundreds of shows across the United States. Matthew currently resides in Minneapolis, MN.

“Like sports, advertising lives at the intersection where talent meets competition. College classrooms often lack the competitive environment necessary to evoke students’ talent potential – FOX Sports provided this competitive arena.”

“Working hard toward a shared goal is more fun than just getting the job done; Professor John Eighmey and FOX Sports instilled this [concept] into our classroom.”

“Working in teams is challenging, but a worthy challenge brings a team together. Thank you FOX Sports for providing a worthy challenge.”

Anjelica Bailey

Anjelica Bailey

Anjelica Bailey graduates in Spring 2015 from the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She will graduate with a degree in Strategic Communications along with a minor in Sport Management.  Anjelica found her love for sports young while growing up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Through her time at Minnesota, Anjelica has held internships with Meet Minneapolis and FOX Sports North. Through these experiences, she has had the pleasure of taking part in a sports study abroad program at Beijing’s Olympic Park, Twins Opening Day and Minnesota Wild Play Off Game Promotions, NFL Play 60 Events, the Minnesota Vikings’ Ambassador Program, the 2014 All Star Game’s Green Team, and most notably, the 2018 Minneapolis Super Bowl Bid Process. Anjelica is hoping to move into a career planning Mega-Sporting Events that allows her to travel the world.

“I want to thank FOX Sports, the University of Minnesota, the Wild, and everyone involved with Minnesota Hockey Day for making this program available to us.”

“You are giving students responsibility that most people would not [give] and allowing us a creative outlet to push our limits and show what we can do.”

“FOX Sports University was such a unique opportunity for me to blend my Advertising knowledge with my love for sports. It was the first time I felt as though I was not in a class, but instead actually working as part of a professional business.”

“As students, we were able to apply our skills in a way I did not think was possible until after graduation.”

“We created an idea from scratch and watched it come to life after months of hard work. That was absolutely my favorite part of FOX Sports University.”

“I am so proud of what our group accomplished and wish we could do it all again.”

“I hope more students get the opportunity to experience what I did and overall would recommend this program to any school.”


Fall 2013 Project Description

FOX Sports North challenged students at the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication to raise the profile of Hockey Day Minnesota–both locally for FOX Sports North as well as nationally with additional FOX Sports properties. Students developed 360 campaigns that included on-air, grassroots, digital, social, viral and multimedia elements to elevate the sport of hockey across the state and the country. Campaigns were designed to run in winter 2014.


Professor Profile

John Eighmey

John Eighmey

John Eighmey is the Raymond O. Mithun Chair in Advertising in the University of Minnesota’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is a specialist in the development of consumer-driven advertising strategies for national brands.

Eighmey’s journal articles on Internet advertising place him among the 10 most widely cited on the subject. His path-making article “Profiling User Responses to Commercial Websites” (see Journal of Advertising Research, March 1997) has been cited in 311 subsequent articles and books.

At the University of Minnesota, Eighmey serves as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Professional M.A. in Strategic Communication. This is a two-year cohort based program for professionals working in strategic communication positions in the Twin Cities. In March, 2010 the Murphy Reporter reviewed the first five years of the program.

Eighmey’s latest publication is “The Psychology of Persuasion: Perspectives for Theory, Research and Application in a Diverse World.” This comprehensive and innovative readings book is co-authored with Osei Appiah and published by Cognella (forthcoming early in 2011).

In March of 2010, Eighmey and four Twin Cities strategic communication leaders, presented “When We Meet in 2020 What Will Advertising Vision Be?” at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising.

In August of 2009, George Anghelcev (Penn State University) and John Eighmey presented their paper “Motivation Crowding and Word of Mouth Advertising: Why Extrinsic Incentives Could Make People Less Likely to Buzz” at the Annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication in Boston, MA.

In August of 2008, Eighmey and doctoral student Rebecca Swenson presented their paper “Salesmanship-in-Print and the Ownership of Consumer Desire: Lessons from Judicious Advertising, 1915-1925″ at the Annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism.

Eighmey’s most recent journal article “Harlow Gale and the Origins of the Psychology of Advertising” written with Sela Sar was published in the Winter, 2007 issue of the Journal of Advertising.

Also in 2007, Eighmey and George Anhelcev won the Top Faculty Paper Award in the Advertising Division for the Annual Conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. The paper is titled “Motivation Crowding: The Hidden Costs of Introducing an Incentive in Advertising to Promote Intrinsic Behavior.”

In 2006, his article “Why Do Youth Enlist? Identification of Underlying Themes” was published in Armed Forces & Society, Vol. 32, No. 2, (January, 2006). Also in 2006, “Brand Zealotry: What is it, and who are the zealots?” written with Sela Sar and George Anghelcev, was published in the proceedings of the 2006 conference of the American Academy of Advertising.

In 2005, “Complementary Roles of Dual Process Models, Theory of Reasoned Action, Media Priming and the Concept of Consideration in the Development of Advertising Message Strategies” was published as a chapter in Kardes, F.R., Herr, P.M. & Nantel, J. (Eds.), Applying Social Cognition to Consumer-Focused Strategy. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates: Mahwah, NJ. This chapter was co-authored with Wanda Siu, now a member of the faculty of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

An earlier article, “Profiling User Responses to Commercial Websites” published in the May-June, 1997 issue of the Journal of Advertising Research has been cited by 316 articles and books about Internet advertising and marketing. A bibliographic analysis of citations from key sources has identified Eighmey as one of the 10 most widely cited scholars on Internet advertising (see Journal of Advertising, Spring 2008).

From 2000 through 2003, Eighmey served as a member of the National Academy of Sciences Committee on the Youth Population and Military Recruiting. This committee was established in January, 2000 at the request of the U.S. Department of Defense to examine the youth population and military recruiting policies and practices.

In January, 2003, The National Academies Press published a book written by the NAS Committee on the Youth Population and Military Recruiting. It is titled Attitudes, Aptitudes, and Aspirations of American Youth: Implications for Military Recruitment. In 2004, the committee members completed a second book, also published by the National Academies Press, titled Evaluating Military Advertising and Recruiting: Theory and Methods.

Eighmey has extensive professional experience in the advertising industry and has been a faculty member at Notre Dame University, the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, the University of Alabama, and Iowa State University.

From July, 1996 to July, 2003, Eighmey led a successful $18 million fund-raising campaign to found the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University. While at ISU, Eighmey was recognized with the Provost’s Visionary Award for “creativity in higher education” for his Kellogg Foundation sponsored project to develop an educator network in Iowa to support journalism education in Iowa’s 15 community colleges and 4-year colleges. The Iowa Newspaper Association recognized Eighmey as a “Friend of Iowa Newspapers” for his efforts encouraging the foundations of the three state supported universities in Iowa to provide more complete access to information concerning foundation records and activities. In June, 2003, the Iowa College Media Association established the John Eighmey Service Award to recognize individuals who advance journalism education in Iowa.

From 1980 to 1989 Eighmey was a member of the senior management of the New York office of Young & Rubicam, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. At Y&R, he first served as Vice President and Director of Account Research Services. This position was first created and held by George Gallup. In 1984, Eighmey was promoted to Senior Vice President and Manager of Creative Services. In that position he was responsible for the 330-person creative and production departments at Y&R in New York. While working at Y&RNY, Eighmey also served as an adjunct associate professor of marketing at Wharton.

In 1976 and 1977, Eighmey served as Deputy Assistant Director for National Advertising (and manager of the advertising substantiation program) at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.C. Eighmey was awarded the Superior Service Award of the Federal Trade Commission for “unprecedented achievements in applying his learning and insights to all the programs of the Division of National Advertising.” He was the first non-lawyer to hold a managerial position in the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Eighmey is a member of the editorial review boards of the Journal of Advertising Research and the Journal of Interactive Advertising. He served two three-year terms on the Accrediting Committee of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Eighmey holds a doctorate in Business Administration (Marketing) from the University of Iowa.

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