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Spring 2013 Winners



Matt Delisle was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and attended Stetson University for his undergraduate study. While he was there, Matt played four years of Division I soccer and received the Outstanding Marketing Senior award. He graduated Cum Laude and earned a B.A. in Marketing with a Minor in Digital Art. Upon graduation, Matt enrolled at the University of Florida to earn his Master’s degree in Advertising. In the summer of 2011, Matt co-founded INTO/IT clothing and he currently handles marketing and distribution for Paper + Plastick records, located in Gainesville, FL. After earning his Master’s degree, Matt would like to work his way up to creative director at an advertising agency before starting either his own agency or some other entrepreneurial endeavor.

“Knowing that you could potentially be a part of something that will get seen by a lot of people presented our group with an exciting and challenging opportunity.”

“The fact that FOX [Sports] University gave us this sort of free reign with the campaign was creatively liberating.”

“Fox Sports Florida and the Miami Marlins presented us with an interesting challenge.I learned, through working with my team, the importance of addressing issues head on without tarnishing the brand or brand image.”



Emily Dobrenchuk is a Pensacola, Florida native. She will graduate magna cum laude in May of 2013 from the UF College of Journalism and Communications with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising and English. She hopes that writing, commercially or independently, will always be her bread and butter.

“Not everyone gets to add school assignments to their resume, but this is real work I am proud of that happens to be for college credit.”

“The experience working with FOX Sports Florida for the Miami Marlins is one I am able to brag about.”

“The FOX [Sports] University class provided an opportunity to be hands on with real brands in a way most other classes do not.”



Emily is a third year advertising major with business outside concentration at University of Florida. She is from Wellington (South Florida) and loves the warm weather and beaches! She loves all parts of communication studies, especially advertising and believes it is so amazing that one commercial, or one magazine ad can really change the view of a brand or product. After graduating, she hopes to work at an agency doing account services or copy writing.

Fun fact: She is a huge fan of Mad Men!

“I felt like I was part of the coolest class at UF.”

“This experience was so fun and challenging at the same time. The opportunity to work on a campaign for a renowned enterprise like Fox Sports Florida still amazes me.”

“I’m so excited to tell anyone I can about this awesome opportunity working on a campaign for the Marlins!”



Aly Perez graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising with an outside concentration in Art and Art History from the University of Florida in May 2013. Aly was involved in AdSociety, UF’s professional student advertising organization, as the Digital Creative Director. Prior to her senior year, she, along with 3 other classmates opened their own advertising agency in Gainesville, FL called Garage Agency & Co., where she serves as the Creative Director. During her time at UF, Aly was extremely involved with the University Athletic Association specifically, the mascot program. Aly hopes to pursue a career in creative advertising as an art director and eventually creative director at an agency.

“The FOX [Sports] University program allowed me to be a part of the creative process from beginning to end and helped increase my confidence in my work.”

“I really enjoyed working on the campaign for the Miami Marlins. The experience was challenging, thrilling and rewarding.”



Lidia Fremd is from Miramar, Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising and an outside concentration in Sports Management. She enjoys learning about all the innovative ways that the advertising industry is expanding, reading and baking. As a recent graduate, she hopes to travel and eventually work at an agency in New York doing account services.


“Working with FOX Sports Florida and the Miami Marlins presented a unique experience unlike that of any of my other advertising classes because I was able to work on a real world campaign that could potentially be seen by thousands of people.”

“I love that FOX [Sports] University gave me the opportunity to work on a campaign for the Miami Marlins, a team I grew up watching.”



Jonny Muench is a filmer, photographer, and graphic designer with an eye for art and a love for skateboarding. He tries to get involved and work with anything that interests him. Currently, he is a Junior Advertising student at the University of Florida with an outside concentration in art. Whether it is helping foster dogs or taking a spontaneous trip to Puerto Rico for his 21st Birthday, his interests always determine which path he will take. As a current student, his dream is to land a job at one of the many prominent ad agencies throughout the nation and continue his love for design. On the side, he is a skateboarder and aspiring filmmaker and makes short movies of anything that provides an interesting subject.

“As a Miami native, getting to work with the Marlins was a great opportunity for me. It gave me a chance to really draw on my skills as an art director and show my connection with the city I call home.”

“Given the chance to create and produce an actual campaign is very exciting in comparison to mock campaigns that we see in the majority of our classes.”

“I believe it to be much more inspiring and motivating to not only work with real clients, but to also see your work produced.”


Spring 2013 Project Description

FOX Sports Florida and FOX’s Sun Sports continued a partnership with the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication. During the spring 2013 semester, students focused on creating a comprehensive marketing campaign for FOX Sports Florida’s partnership with and telecasts of the Miami Marlins. In order to grow audience viewership, students focused channeled in on how to engage fans and enhance the enthusiasm for Marlins baseball among its followers. The winning campaign ran throughout the 2013 season.




Professor Profile

Robyn Goodman

Robyn Goodman

Goodman earned her Ph.D. at the University of Texas in 2000. Her dissertation was “Mirroring Mediated Images of Women: How Media Images of Thin Women Influence Eating Disorder-Related Behaviors and Women’s Negotiations of These Images.” She received her M.A. in mass communications at the University of Texas and a B.J. in magazine journalism at the University of Missouri.

Prior to graduate school, she was a sports reporter and later on a feature page and Sunday magazine designer at the Columbia Missourian. After leaving Missouri, she worked as an advertising graphic designer at the Iowa City Press-Citizen. In 1995, she entered graduate school while also working in public relations at the Texas Petroleum and Convenience Store Association and soon after as a freelance graphic designer and public relations consultant on several projects including a Lawrence Erlbaum book cover and printed materials for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Her work with Fox Sports has earned her a bronze Telly and a silver regional Addy.

She has been recognized and received awards for her scholastic work and teaching including a university fellowship that is awarded to the top 5 continuing doctoral students at the University of Texas, top conference papers from ICA, AEJMC, and AMHCR, and the International Communication Association’s award for excellence in teaching by a graduate student. Her work is published in Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, Visual Communication Quarterly, and Public Understanding of Science.

She teaches Copywriting and Visualization and Advanced Creative at the undergraduate level.  Graduate courses include Advertising Research Methods and Visual Communication Theory and Method.

Her research interests are visual communication, health communications, and gender, race, and media.  Her current research looks at media and cosmetic surgery and emotional responses to beauty types in advertising.

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