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Fall 2013 Winners - You Create Legends; You Make History

Ryan T Wellmaker

Ryan T Wellmaker

Ryan is a Senior at Tulane University.  Majoring in Management, Ryan is focusing his studies in entrepreneurship with a specialization in petroleum energy.  Ryan currently acts as Vice President of Jax Asphalt Company located in Mount Vernon, IL.  Recently, he has become more involved with real estate development in Southern Illinois and New Orleans, LA.  Ryan’s future plans pertain to becoming more involved with the petroleum industry, and creating new ventures in the great city of New Orleans.


“Thank you very much for allowing our school, Tulane University, the opportunity to participate in the FOX Sports U program!  We had a blast!”

“We gained so much perspective and knowledge by having FOX Sports share the company’s experiences and resources with our team members.”

“The opportunity to work with the FOX Sports U program helped me in developing a different outlook on marketing.”

“I developed some great friendships through this program.”

“A big thank you to our Professor John Howard and the FOX Sports team! Their encouragement and dedication made this program a success for Tulane!”

Caroline O. Smith

Caroline O. Smith

Caroline O. Smith is a senior at Tulane University. She plans to graduate in May 2014 with a concentration in Business Management and Marketing. Caroline is planning a career in marketing, specifically sports and events. In Caroline’s spare time, she likes to run. She recently ran her first half marathon and is training for another!


“It’s one thing to hard work and strive for a letter grade; it’s another to do hands-on work that might actually be published. It takes your mentality and the competitiveness to a whole new level.”

“Teaming with LHSAA and FOX helped me realize what I wanted to do post-graduation.”

“As a member of the winning team, I can genuinely say we are all so excited for the next stages of this project and what lies ahead. Hard work pays off!”

Warren Bondi II

Warren Bondi II

Warren Bondi is from Chalmette, Louisiana. Warren attended Jesuit High School in New Orleans where he played football and made the all-district team as a senior. Warren is now a senior at Tulane University where he has discovered my passion for marketing. Warren will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Management with a degree in Marketing. After graduation he plans to move to the Florida panhandle area to begin his marketing career. Warren also enjoys helping out small businesses with their sales, marketing, and social media efforts and is interested in entrepreneurship. He is interested in starting his own company in the future. Warren also loves the craft beer industry, the sports industry, and loves to watch the Saints play football.

“I loved getting to work with FOX Sports U to promote local high school football. It was great to be able to help out and bring attention to my favorite high school pastime and put together two of my passions: marketing and football. High school sports are very important and competitive to players in this area and it’s great that we could help the community get more involved.”

“Getting to work with a real company and have our ideas implemented is the best learning experience I have had in college. It feels great to do something that really matters and to see the process develop in the real world.”

“The FOX Sports U team was very eager to hear from us and excited about our ideas. I really appreciated their enthusiasm. It made me want to come up with great ideas for the project.”

Kelsey Nibert

Kelsey Nibert

A member of Tulane University’s Class of 2014, Kelsey is from Houston, Texas, where she attended Saint Agnes Academy. There, Kelsey pursued artistic work including exhibiting paintings in student showcases in the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. At Tulane, she studies Marketing and Digital Art, and has developed passions for creative commercial projects ranging from large-scale promotional planning to physical venue design. Kelsey is also exploring digital rendering methods such as 3D printing and Arduino. Through Tulane’s Service Learning Program. Kelsey has helped design, edit, and execute massive murals in collaboration with local community members and internationally-renowned muralists. She intends to live and work in New Orleans, where she hopes to help locally-owned firms grow and thrive with dynamic marketing and branding methods.

“Working with FOX Sports as a student was a great opportunity to experience firsthand the challenges and benefits of designing and executing a massive promotional plan with a prominent client.”

“Free from the typically tight frameworks provided in a normal academic setting, developing such a large campaign evolved from straightforward assignments to thinking critically and self-imposing schedules and deadlines.”

“I look forward to seeing what future students accomplish through FOX Sports U.”

Kevin Thomas

Kevin is a Senior, double majoring in Legal Studies in Business and Management. His plans upon graduation include graduate school or possibly professional basketball. Kevin is also exploring internship opportunities within broadcasting or sports management fields. His career interests include sports/entertainment management and broadcasting/production. Kevin’s personal interests include the world of reality television and tons of travel, experiencing everything the world has to offer!


“I really enjoyed working on the project that FOX assigned us because it gave our group the opportunity to showcase the culture of New Orleans, and Louisiana as a whole. We acquired a great deal of knowledge on developing a campaign.”

“The Fox Sports U program was a remarkable experience that allowed me to understand the specifics of sports marketing.”

“The FOX Sports U program was an enjoyable learning experience that opened my eyes up to a new possible career path. As a student-athlete, I understood how valuable marketing is to the sports industry.”

Avi Schneider

Avi Schneider

Avi Schneider is from Chicago, Illinois. Avi is an avid chess player and conversationalist. He is a Senior, expecting to graduate in May 2014. Avi is majoring in Management (Consulting) and Philosophy. Avi prides himself on being an excellent listener, a capable orator, and a creative problem solver. After graduation, he hopes to work as a performance improvement consultant, focusing specifically on people, strategy, and change.


“Finally, a competition that champions imagination.”

“Thanks to Fox Sports U, I learned how to brainstorm collaboratively.”

“My experience with Fox Sports U has shown me the tremendous capacity of teamwork.”

“I can honestly say, I’m a better teammate because of Fox Sports U.”

Samuel Roecker

Samuel Roecker

Samuel Roecker is a senior at Tulane University graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Management. He was born and raised in Denver, CO where he attended Colorado Academy. Throughout high school, Samuel was active in a competitive rowing club and engaged in local nonprofits. His interest in rebuilding New Orleans led him to pursue his academic interests at Tulane. Samuel is an avid aviation enthusiast, having spent two summers working for Southwest Airlines. He is also interested in marketing and communications and plans to pursue his professional interests after graduation.


“My experience with Fox Sports U was compelling and transformative; I learned to challenge myself and my team to create a winning campaign.”

“The feedback we received from Fox Sports U helped our team devise a marketing strategy that had local appeal and state-wide relevance.”

“Pitching our campaign is one of my most memorable moments as an undergraduate. I learned the importance of good communication and the power of effective presentation skills.”

“One of our key challenges was creating a campaign that celebrated New Orleans’ rich cultural history, but did not overpower or undermine small town pride. We conveyed the spirit of New Orleans without being too urban-centric.”

“Where’d Ya Geaux has a very different meaning in New Orleans. An a non-native, I always assumed the question meant Where’d You Go for College, when in fact, the question means Where’d You Go to High School. I enjoyed conveying this unique and local characteristic in our campaign.”


Fall 2013 Project Description

FOX Sports New Orleans and Tulane University teamed up for the first time to engage Freeman School of Business students in a real-life marketing and communications project. Students were challenged to promote Louisiana High School sports (and the LHSAA) on FOX Sports New Orleans. In order to develop their ideas, students researched current fans of high school football and attended high school games throughout the semester. Each team then presented their findings with suggested sales, sponsorship, on-air, social media, grassroots, and online marketing campaign tactics to the FOX Sports New Orleans team. The winning campaign was incorporated into a multi-media campaign that launched in Fall/Winter 2013.


Professor Profile

John Howard

John Howard

John Howard has been working in the marketing field for 45 years. He earned an AB in English Literature at Boston College, an MBA in marketing at Columbia University, and a PhD in marketing at Pennsylvania State University. At J. Walter Thompson, he managed the Gillette and Scott Paper accounts, and at Vick Chemical he managed the Clearasil brand. He teaches marketing at Tulane University, where he served as Associate Dean for Graduate programs for Four years. He has also taught at the State University of New York, Pennsylvania State University and Alfred University where he was twice recognized for his teaching excellence. He has published articles in the marketing, finance and game theory fields and is currently interested in consumers’ use of shopping to cope with stress. He has worked as a marketing consultant for numerous corporate and government organizations, and served as a combat Navy officer in Vietnam. His hobbies include sailing, construction and physical fitness. He has been married to Jane (Cross) Howard for 43 years, and they have a grown son, Anthony.

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