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Spring 2015 Winners - Group 1

Olivia Gaudioso

Olivia Gaudioso

Olivia is from Denville, New Jersey, where she attended Morris Knolls High School. While attending Morris Knolls she played softball. She then attended Seton Hall University as part of the Stillman School of Business. She plans to graduate in August of 2015 with a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Sport Management. She has interned at both the New Jersey Devils, and the PGA of American, New Jersey Section. As for career ambitions she is interested in the sports world with any sports charities that are linked to professional sports teams. She is also interested in working with social media in sports as well.

“The experience I’ve had while working with the Fox Sports team is something I will never forget, and has helped me with creating my future career goals.”

“Working on the ‘Seton Hall Way’ made me realize how great of a privilege it is to be part of the Pirate community”

“Our project was centered very much around social media, which is something I would like to get into as a career in the sports world, so this project furthered my knowledge and was a great experience.”

Steven Lombardi

Steven Lombardi

Steven was born and raised Saddle River, New Jersey. He attended Don Bosco Preparatory High School and helped lead his baseball team to two back to back top 25 national rankings. He wanted to change his goals during the middle of his junior year at Seton Hall University, when he decided to stop playing collegiate baseball and follow his new passion for Finance and Marketing. Steven will graduate with a BBA from the Stillman School of Business with a dual emphasis on Finance and Marketing in May 2016. He plans on passing his CFA exams after graduation and establishing a sound career in the finance industry.

“Its nice to know that the work were doing is actually going to be seen somewhere else besides a classroom. This project allowed fellow students to let their voices be heard and show the world what our school is really about.”

“Being able to work on this project gave a me a great insight into what lies ahead in the working world. The lessons and skills I’ve learned from working with Fox Sports will be something I will always remember and take with me during my future careers.”

“Fox Sports was extremely helpful when it came to developing our work. Every question we had or anything we needed help with, they were there every step of the way. They made it feel like we were working with an actual client.”

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is a member of the Class of 2016 in the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall, double majoring in Sport Management and Marketing. He pursues his dream of becoming a sports agent. Upon graduation, Daniel will either go get his masters in sports management or go to law school to widen his knowledge on the subject. He is a member of two elite programs that the University has to offer. He is a member of the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Association, a full-tuition scholarship, headed by Rev. Forrest Pritchett given to students who follow in the footsteps of Dr. King and promote servant leadership. The second is the Buccino Center for Leadership Development, a prestigious, elite group of students, ran by Michael Reuter, who represent the “best of the best” bettering themselves in the area of leadership. He works day in and day out with top level executives and people who are there to better his professionalism and many other leadership-based aspects. Some of Daniel’s hobbies outside of school include sports, music, and video games. He hails from Mount Laurel, NJ, where his parents Rick and Lauren, and sister Sapphire reside. Daniel is hard-working, dedicated, motivated and blessed beyond measure.

“Fox Sports gave us a platform where we could have complete creative control, and that was the best part about the experience.”

“It is refreshing to know that an idea that was manifested for an entire semester is being put into place to such a huge audience.”

“I love that Fox Sports came in to check on us and give us feedback that was crucial to steering our mindset in the right direction to an idea that wound up being the winner for my class.”

“I cannot wait to see the next advertising campaign and look to Fox and the world and say, “I made that happen”.”


Spring 2015 Project Description

FOX Sports U students at Seton Hall were tasked with creating concepts and ideas that illustrated an identity for “The Seton Hall Way.” The project was inspired by the “Big East Way,” which is a campaign previously developed by the Big East Conference to showcase the powerful attributes of each member school and to develop each university’s unique voice.  The final campaigns focused on building and showcasing the fans, students and alumni from Seton Hall and the surrounding community through various media platforms.




Professor Profile

Larry McCarthy

Larry McCarthy

Larry McCarthy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University, New Jersey, where he teaches in the sport management program.  His research focuses on sport marketing and has appeared in the Journal of Sport Management, Sport Marketing Quarterly and the European Journal of Sport Management.  He coauthored with colleagues William Sutton and Richard Irwin the text “Sport Promotion and Sales Management”.  He is Director of the Institute of International Business at the Stillman School, and has led international business classes to Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru and Cuba.  He is a founding member of the Sport Marketing Association and is a former Chairman of the New York Gaelic Athletic Association.

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