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Fall 2015 Winners - Pittsburgh Winning Team

Deanna Uzarski

Deanna Uzarski

Deanna Uzarski is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish. She is currently working as an Admissions Counselor for Pitt where she enjoys working one on one with prospective students. After graduation, she will continue developing her career by advising others as a Financial Specialist with PNC in the Pittsburgh Region. In her free time, Deanna enjoys painting and reading. She also enjoys spending time representing serving as Vice President and Co-founder of Thirst Project @ Pitt, a student organization focused on raising funds and awareness for the global water crisis.

“My favorite part of being able to work with Fox Sports University was knowing that the work my team put in had the opportunity to be applied in real life!”


“Tackling the project of developing a marketing campaign from the very beginning was a challenging task, but it was also extremely rewarding to see my team’s strategy for the USGA and FOX Sports come together.”

“I learned so much from the chance to work with Fox Sports University and the USGA; this was the perfect opportunity to apply what I learned in the classroom to the real world.”

Cara Browning

Cara Browning

Cara Browning, originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, is currently a senior in the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is pursuing a degree in Marketing and a certificate in International Business. During college, she has gained knowledge and experience through various internships in sports, media and nonprofit organizations. Additionally, she held officer positions in extracurricular clubs on campus and had the opportunity to study abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Cara will be graduating in April 2016 and plans to pursue a career in marketing, event planning and/or public relations, hopefully having some emphasis on traveling.

“Developing a marketing campaign for the 2016 U.S. Open was such an amazing experience and knowing that our work will be implemented made all of our efforts beyond worth it.”

“The lessons I learned and the experiences I gained while working on this project surpass any and all in my college career.”

“FOX Sports University provided us with a real world experience which will give me a competitive edge in the workplace.”

Lucas Walkowski

Lucas Walkowski

Lucas Walkowski is a senior marketing major at the University of Pittsburgh, also pursuing minors in Italian Studies and Theatre Arts as well as a Certificate in International Business. After graduation this year, he plans on pursuing a career in entertainment marketing back in New York City after spending the summer of 2015 interning there with the Madison Square Garden Company. Lucas wants to work in live entertainment in the future because he loves watching his work come to life and seeing people react to it in real-time. He also enjoys spending his time reading, playing piano, cooking, and creating material as a founding member of Pitt Tonight, the first late night show at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Working in sports and entertainment is a tough industry to get into, but Fox Sports U offered all of us that chance at the undergraduate level. You really can’t ask for more.”

“I knew I wanted to create as part of my career, but this opportunity allowed me to take that drive and actually conceive and develop some on-air promotions and digital videos that I’m really proud of.”

“I can’t describe how it feels knowing that something we did has the potential to be finessed and put out in the media to represent Fox Sports and the USGA.”


Melissa Mele

Melissa Mele

Melissa graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in December 2015. She pursued a degree in Marketing with minors in International Business and French. She just accepted a position with the United States Golf Association working in their US Open Championship Office. Sports are her passion in and out of work, and she especially loves cheering on her Philadelphia sports teams. In her spare time, Melissa enjoys cooking and traveling to new places.

“I have always said the best learning experiences cannot be taught through a textbook. This project with FOX Sports University opened my eyes to what marketing is like in the real world, and gave me an opportunity to apply what I already know to a real world scenario. It was truly the best way to culminate my Marketing degree.”

“Coming into this class, I knew nothing about golf, and now I will be starting my professional career with the United States Golf Association. This experience really changed my life, and gave me an opportunity that I never thought I would have.”

“Everyone I worked with on this project, especially those from FOX University, was so open to helping and coaching me along the way. I gained valuable experience that I will bring with me into my professional career.”

Stephen Kraus

Stephen Kraus

Stephen Kraus is Senior at the University of Pittsburgh, double majoring in Marketing and Business Information Systems. With a background in video production and photography, Stephen incorporates business strategy into high quality digital communications, and has gotten the opportunity to intern with Disney ABC Television, Parish Digital, Erie Insurance Group, and Mind Over Media, working on projects for a large variety of clients. In his free time, Stephen enjoys playing drums, guitar and keyboard, and loves playing local shows with his band. Upon graduation, Stephen will be working as a Studio Manager for StudioME, a Pittsburgh based media production studio.

“There’s a huge difference between taking notes in front of a PowerPoint, and working on a real-world project. Fox Sports U gave me the opportunity to apply classroom concepts into real marketing strategy, and the lessons learned throughout the program were invaluable.”

“The feedback given by Fox Sports throughout the project helped us continuously improve the quality of what we were delivering, and ultimately taught us how to best incorporate different types of feedback.”

“Knowing that the deliverables we created for the 2016 US Open at Oakmont are going to contribute to a real-world application is an incredible feeling”


Fall 2015 Project Description

University of Pittsburgh partnered with FOX Sports U and the USGA for their first year in the program. Students from the College of Business Administration met with members from the USGA and FOX Sports to learn about the significance of having the U.S. Open Championship at historic Oakmont for the 9th time in June 2016. Students were tasked with developing concepts to increase awareness and excitement around the U.S. Open being hosted at Oakmont for the 9th time, the most times any course has hosted the U.S. Open.


Professor Profile

Bob Gilbert

Bob Gilbert

Professor Robert Gilbert has been a member of the University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration faculty for over 15 years.  Professor Gilbert developed and teaches the Projects in Marketing course at Pitt.  In the course, students design and implement promotional campaigns for clients, and often have the opportunity to compete at the national level against other universities.   Students in the Projects in Marketing course have won nine national marketing competitions. The Pitt Business students have taken first prize for their work with Honda (three times), American Eagle Outfitters (twice), Nissan, Goal Financial, Chevrolet, and Mazda.


Professor Gilbert is a recipient of the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award.  One of the University’s highest honors, the award recognized Professor Gilbert’s passion for teaching – and his innovations in course development, which have drawn national attention to Pitt Business.  He also recently received the Pittsburgh Advertising Federation’s Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award in recognition of inspiring the next generation of advertising and brand management professionals.


Professor Gilbert spent fifteen years in the telecommunications industry, working in a variety of sales, sales management, marketing, and strategic planning positions with Bell of Pennsylvania, AT&T, and Bell Atlantic Corporation.  He has consulted with firms across the country in the area of international trade, filing and administering unfair trade practice cases against foreign companies in the steel and chemical industries.  His teaching and research interests focus on the areas of brand management and advertising effectiveness.

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