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Spring 2019 Winners

Anthony Qu

Anthony Qu

Anthony Qu is a rising sophomore (Class of 2022), and a Marketing/Information Systems double-major at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. He is excited to learn more about his passions as he continues his college career, and he is excited to create a career where he can make meaningful change on a global scale. Anthony is also an avid fan of basketball, and would love if his career path ends up being related to the sport. In his free time, he enjoys working on projects with friends and loves playing basketball of his own.

“I’ve watched Fox Sports all my life, so it was truly a dream come true to work alongside the organization.”

“I’m grateful for the freedom my team was given to show what we could accomplish, while also receiving constant and helpful guidance from Fox Sports.”

“Because I love sports the experience felt like an adventure, and not just an assignment or task.”



Spring 2019 Project Description

University of Maryland’s Business College Park Scholars were challenged to develop creative marketing campaigns that FOX Sports and Caffeine could utilize together in order to drive awareness and increase usage of the Caffeine social platform.


Professor Profile

Claudia Donnelly

Claudia Donnelly

Claudia Donnelly is a Program Manager for Undergraduate Studies at the Robert H. Smith School of Business and for the College Park Scholars’ Business, Society and the Economy (BSE) program.   In both positions, her goal is to increase student engagement by managing academic and community programming    In BSE, which is a living-learning, by invitation-only program, Claudia helps the 150+ students adapt to college life as freshmen and helps them navigate through their sophomore years.  She then enjoys working with some of the business school’s Fellows programs, which help business students focus their studies during their final two years.

Prior to joining Undergraduate Studies, Claudia worked for many years with Smith’s Office of Global Initiatives, developing and promoting study abroad experiences and on-campus global learning.  She has accompanied students on global study programs to the United Arab Emirates, Singapore/Malaysia, Australia, France/Netherlands and Israel and enjoys personal travel with her family. Claudia earned a Masters in Sports Administration from Ohio University and an undergraduate degree in Communication from Rutgers University.  She is a first generation American and recognizes the unique challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that go along with this.

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