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Fall 2018 Winners

Kendall Hamilton

Kendall Hamilton

Kendall Hamilton is a senior Political Science major and Strategic Communication minor from Raleigh, NC. As the captain of the Howard University Women’s Soccer team, Kendall is a team player with a strong drive for success. She is passionate about advertising, public relations, writing, and community outreach. Upon graduating from Howard University, Kendall plans to create a career that combines all of her passions.

“Working with Fox Sports University has been one of the most memorable experiences of my undergraduate career!”

“Developing a media plan for Q-Ball took months of research and hard work, but I loved every moment! I am so appreciative of everything I learned along the way.”

“The hands-on experience I gained through Fox Sports University helped shape me into the productive professional that I am today.”

Nana Yeboah

Nana Yeboah

Nana Yeboah is currently a s

enior at Howard University that will graduate in the fall of 2019 from Los Angeles, CA. He is currently on working on his Bachelors in Advertising while concentrating on a minor in History. Nana has a great love for everything that has to do with media. When he was in high school he started his own media blog that covered music, fashion, sports, & TV & Film. His plans for after college is to enter the advertising world so he can use the knowledge he has gained from different projects such as the media plan for FOX Sports U to make differences at a higher level.

“The FOX Sports U program showed me when you put your mind into anything and you’re dedicated you will produce great work.”

“The FOX Sports U program sparked my love for editing videos and coming up with media plans.”

“This program gave me the courage to not be afraid of going above and beyond of what the original task was”



Fall 2018 Project Description

Strategic Communications students at Howard University were challenged to develop a strategic media plan for the release of the FOX Sports Films MAGNIFY series documentary Q Ball.



Professor Profile



Sheryl Johnson-Ross is an Associate Professor and Strategic Communication Sequence Coordinator in the Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication at Howard University. She teaches advertising, research and other related media courses and has an eclectic background as an advertising practitioner with over 25 years of experience. She began her career in radio in the Washington D.C. market; writing commercials, selling syndicated radio programs and working for top rated stations including NBC and ABC owned stations. In New York, she worked at Ogilvy and Mather in Network TV Buying and performed special projects for ABC Network Sales and CBS Network marketing departments. She enjoyed a successful 14 year career at The Washington Post Newspaper and managed the largest revenue generating category of $150 million dollars and created and facilitated training for the advertising sales department. Sheryl’s additional experiences include: local radio and television advertising sales and public television grant writing. Her research interests include: diversity in the advertising industry, African-American representation in the media and advertising ethics.

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