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Winter 2014 Winners - Agency A

Emily Rosen

Emily Rosen

Emily Rosen is from St. Louis, Missouri and will graduate in June 2014 from DePaul University. She will receive her Bachelor’s Degree from the School of Communications double majoring in Public Relations/Advertising and Journalism. After graduation, she will be a seasonal intern at LS2Group. She has worked in both the public relations and journalism industry. In the future, Emily wants to successfully open a restaurant as well as own her own special events company.

“This project allowed me to not only have hands-on experience but also know what it is like to work with clients.”

“The experience I gained throughout this project will be a huge asset to me in my career.”

“It was great to see a student’s opinion really matter.”

Amanda Elsasser

Amanda Elsasser

Amanda Elsasser is originally from Omaha, Nebraska.  She graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing in March of 2014.  Amanda now works within the Leadership Development Department of Kiewit Corporation, where she combines her passion for marketing and advertising with her desire to work directly with people.  Amanda is an avid fan of her hometown Creighton Bluejays, and was thus deeply excited to be working on a project for the Big East Basketball Conference.

“This was the most rewarding project of my college career because we were given the opportunity to work with a real client and carry out an entire campaign from start to finish.”

“The experience I gained from this opportunity has proved invaluable to my career and future success.”

“Working with FOX Sports U was fun, engaging, and a great way to end my senior year at DePaul University.”

Raul Montoya

Raul Montoya

Raul is a junior at DePaul University, pursuing a double major in PRAD and Economics. After undergrad, Raul hopes to work in consulting. He is also considering attending grad school to pursue a Masters in economics. In his spare time, Raul enjoys hobbies of lifting and playing rugby. He currently plays Prop for the Chicago Lions Rugby Club.

“It was actually what I expected. Working hands on with a client like FOX Sports 1 allowed me to have a taste of what it’s like in an actual agency running a campaign.”

“Working with my team members gave me confidence and allowed me to realize it’s a group effort running a campaign.”

“Everyone has something to offer in creating a perfect and effective campaign. [The project] allowed me to trust others to get work done by specific deadlines.”

“[This branding/marketing work] is definitely the line of work I would like to do in the future. FOX Sports 1 was a fantastic client. They were clear with everything they wanted. If I could, I would do it all over again.”

Braden Nauman

Braden Nauman

Braden Nauman is a member of the 2014 graduating class at DePaul University. He majored in Public Relations & Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design. Braden plans to pursue a career as a creative within the advertising industry.

“This course provided me with a unique opportunity to display my skills for a national network.”

“It was great working alongside my classmates in specific agency style roles.”

“I’m so thankful to be a part of the first FOX Sports U course offered at DePaul, especially devoted to the promotion of our own athletic conference, The Big East.”

Marci Ponto

Marci Ponto

Marci is from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a junior at DePaul University and has plans of graduating in the summer of 2015. She is double majoring in public relations and communication studies. After graduation she hopes to work in the public relations field, specifically in the beauty or fashion industry. One of her many passions is photography, as well as working on her lifestyle blog.

“I loved my experience working with FOX Sports U. It was extremely rewarding and has helped prepare me for the future.”

“FOX Sports U provided me with the experience necessary to really stand out in a job interview.”

“Out of all the projects I have had to do for classes, never have I had one that was as helpful and as real as FOX Sports U.”

“Creating a whole campaign was a lot of work but the end result was amazing.”


Winter 2014 Project Description

DePaul students embarked on the school’s first journey with FOX Sports University in 2014. Students were challenged to create a multi-faceted branding campaign centered around the Big East college basketball league. Campaigns were designed to highlight the return of Big East basketball to FOX Sports 1 for the upcoming 2014-15 season. The classes designed 360 degree campaigns, including digital, print, on-air, and on-site activation components.


Professor Profile

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

Michael “Mike” Devlin is an Assistant Professor of Advertising at DePaul University.  As an alumni of the University of Alabama (Ph.D 2013), he is no stranger to sports and the impact it has on the community and the economy.  His teaching and research interests include sports communication and creative advertising.  He is the author of six peer-reviewed journal publications and over 30 conference proceedings examining the intersection between sports communication and advertising effectiveness.

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