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Spring 2015 Winners - Streamline

Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro Guzman

Alejandro Guzman is a senior at DePaul University majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Originally from Chicago, IL he dreams to one day be able to work with one of his hometown teams. Being an athlete for a vast part of his life sports have always been his passion, therefore he looks to continue his career in the sports communications field.

“It was an amazing experience to be able to work with such an influential company like Fox on a campaign that meant more than just class credit.”

“Working with Fox Sports U this semester confirmed my feelings that I am definitely in the right business.”

“This class should be required for all students, the experience and sense of accomplishment when it’s all said and done is incomparable.”

Ranna Patel

Ranna Patel

Ranna Patel is a senior at DePaul University and will be graduating in June with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Ranna is an enthusiastic sports fan and was pleased to be a part of the Fox Sports Campaign.  She is currently doing an internship in marketing for a company that leases apartments in downtown Chicago, and hopes to procure a position in the field of advertising.

“The Fox Sports U program was both exciting and challenging and something that I will never forget because it gave me real hands on experience.”

“One of the best parts of the Fox Sports U program was the opportunity to work together within a group to win the challenge.”

“Working with Fox Sports U to create a campaign and solving the challenges that were presented to us, gave me invaluable experience that will translate well into the real world.”

Davis Koleas

Davis Koleas

Davis Koleas is a recent graduate of DePaul University with a B.A. In Communication and Media. He moved from his hometown of Laguna Beach California to attend DePaul in hopes of finding a career in sports communication. He has always had a passion for sports, and thanks to the FOX Sports U program  he is currently employed at FOX Sports digital in Los Angeles working on content curation and audience engagement.

“The FOX Sports U program allowed me to receive valuable real world experience from the classroom that I could not have received elsewhere”

“FOX Sports U was without a doubt the most influential and important class I took while in college”

“Participating in the FOX Sports U program allowed me to fulfill my lifelong dream of working in Sports”

“When I signed up for this class I knew it would be a great opportunity, never did I think that I would end up with a job at FOX Sports. This class helped change my life!”



Spring 2015 Project Description

Using the Big East Hoops and DePaul Sports Newsletter as examples, FOX Sports U students at DePaul University made recommendations on how to re-invent the newsletter’s purpose, template and goal. Teams developed strategies on how to connect with Big East and DePaul sports fans across the country and how to then drive these fans to consume and share the Big East and DePaul content.


Professor Profile

Michael Devlin

Michael Devlin

Michael “Mike” Devlin is an Assistant Professor of Advertising at DePaul University.  As an alumni of the University of Alabama (Ph.D 2013), he is no stranger to sports and the impact it has on the community and the economy.  His teaching and research interests include sports communication and creative advertising.  He is the author of six peer-reviewed journal publications and over 30 conference proceedings examining the intersection between sports communication and advertising effectiveness.

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