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Fall 2014 Winners - #UEFAnatico

Andres Nieto

Andres Nieto

Originally from Cali, Colombia, Andres Nieto is a senior at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University Northridge (CSUN). He will graduate in  2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, and is currently Chief of Staff for the American Marketing Association (AMA) club on campus. This semester Andres is interning in CSUN’s marketing department,and is in charge of their social media.  After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in marketing, or advertising.

“The experience of putting together a social media campaign for FOX Deportes was unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

“The confidence I gained from working on this project is tremendous.”

“I wish there were more projects like this, more projects that challenged you and push your innovation to the limit”

Sarah Sabzehzar

Sarah Sabzehzar

Sara Sabzehzar is a graduating senior about to obtain a Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Sara knew she wanted to pursue marketing by the age of 16 after taking a business class in the subject. She is currently interning at Trailer Park Inc., an entertainment advertising agency based in Hollywood, and is working in their Social Media/ Integrated Strategy department. Sara has been focusing her efforts in Social Media Marketing and plans to continue working in social media within the Advertising industry. In her free time Sara can be found painting, exploring the west coast, or listening to live music somewhere.


“I could not express more gratitude for the FOX Sports U program and my incredible team. In the course of this project the 4 of us grew to not only understand the importance of refining our own personal strengths to bring to the greater good of the campaign, but also how to work with each other so the work could best thrive.”

“This was the last course I took before graduating and the lessons I learned during the duration of this program were the exact lessons I needed before facing the working world.”

“This campaign was a challenging task for us and full of valuable lessons because they combined two completely different brand entities. Figuring out how to cohesively correlate the FOX Deportes and United Champion’s League brands with external factors like their sponsor Heineken, the tournament host site of Berlin, and the several regulations involved with each was an incredibly real world lesson that I had not yet faced to this degree in my educational career and learned a tremendous amount from.”

Cory Wagner

Cory Wagner

Cory Wagner is from the beachy town of Carlsbad in North County San Diego. After graduating from La Costa Canyon HS in 2010, he was awarded a scholarship to play Div. 1 Men’s Volleyball at California State University, Northridge. At CSUN, he was also a part of the American Marketing Association and was the President in his final semester at CSUN. Cory recently graduated in December of 2014, earning his Bachelors Degree in Marketing from the David Nazarian College of Business. He plans to celebrate his graduation with a family trip to the lush island of Kauai, HI in the summer of 2015. Cory is a part of the Fox Family as he was an intern for the Social Media team for FOX Broadcast in the summer of 2014. Currently, Cory is working full-time in Marina Del Rey as a Media Analyst at the top-awarded advertising agency known as OMD, whose parent company is Omnicom Media Group. When he finds spare time, he likes to hit the beaches in the South Bay and play beach volleyball or his family in San Diego. One day, he plans to be a business owner and make a big impact in the world!

“Working with the FOX Sports U program was exceptionally challenging given our campaign brief. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the work ethic and communication brought to the table from each team member.”

“It was a great experience getting a feel for the entire process of what goes into every campaign, from start to finish it was definitely a roller coaster ride but it paid off in the end.”

“The CSUN Marketing program will continue to grow stronger and stronger YOY with the continued partnership with FOX Sports U.”

“Students dream of getting an opportunity like this. And to be the winning team chosen for our unique ideas and be rewarded for our sleepless nights is really rewarding.”

Sharon Sedgh

Sharon Sedgh

Sharon graduated in December 2014 from California State University, Northridge with a degree in Marketing. After graduation, he began an internship with The Walt Disney company, where he works as a Digital Content and Data Analytics assistant for Disney Imagicademy. In his career plans, he hopes to develop his marketing skills and pursue his dreams of becoming a Digital Marketing guru. He enjoys listening to the musical talents of The Weeknd and Drake, he is also an avid sports fan with his favorite teams being the Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Lakers.

“Working in teams is sometimes frustrating, but the nature of FOXU’s program allowed for collaboration, determination, and flexibility.”

“Presenting your hard work is the most satisfying part of the program, because it is then when you realize what perception your campaign can have on others.”

“Exploring a world of sports which I was unfamiliar with before was challenging, but ultimately I learned and became a #UEFAnatico.



Fall 2014 Project Description

In the fall of 2014, FOX Deportes tasked Social and Digital Media students at California State University, Northridge to build a marketing campaign and promotion plan for the UEFA Champions League Final that would air on FOX Deportes at the end of May 2015.


Professor Profile

Kristen Walker

Kristen Walker

Kristen Walker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at California State University Northridge. Her research interests include interactive marketing, social media, retail environments, brand preference, Big Data, and Internet privacy.  She is currently working on projects dealing with social networking sites and consumer privacy/protection and regularly uses client projects in her courses.  Dr. Walker designed the Interactive Marketing Minor at CSUN, encouraging a variety of majors to understand the changing role of consumer information, its permanence and power in the marketplace.  Recently her classes have partnered with Fox Creative University creating a national campaign for UFC/Fox Deportes and consulted with Buzzine, a multi-platform content network that connects artists, audience and advertising.

She began her academic career earning a Masters in Public Administration examining marketing efforts in the public sector with the US Army “Be All You Can Be” campaign.  Building on her interest in the public sector, information sharing, and interactive environments, she earned her PhD from UCLA examining the relationship between marketing, public policy and higher education. Professor Walker has advised MBA students and undergraduates as part of the Wells Fargo Small Business Institute. She was awarded first place in the 2010 Graduate Specialized Project of the Year Competition as project supervisor for the Agora Realty and Management, Inc. team.  She consults for small businesses and non-profits in a variety of industries. When she finds spare time, she is an avid fan of music and addicted to attending live concerts.

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