California State University, Northridge

Fall 2013 Winners - Freshwater Consulting

Jennifer DeFreece

Jennifer DeFreece

Jennifer is a May 2014 graduate of California State University at Northridge with a degree in Marketing.  After graduation, Jennifer plans to find a position where she and can learn and grow as a marketer. Her career goals are to work in Sports and Entertainment Marketing.  Jennifer enjoys professional settings where she is able to enhance the fan experience at events, whether her impact is in-person or through digital platforms. Jennifer is also a dedicated sports fan, specifically for the LA Kings.

“This was the hardest and most time consuming project of my college career but it was the most fun and rewarding.”

“FOX Sports University is the most valuable learning experience I could have gained while at CSU Northridge. Working with a real client on a real project you can’t get any better hands experience.”

“FOX Sports University helped to bridge the gap from the classroom to real world experience.”

Anthony Annese

Anthony Annese

Anthony graduated in May 2014 from California State University at Northridge with a degree in Marketing. After Graduation, he started a company called Lewd and Obscene, and is also working for a general contractor, Gemini Property Solutions. In his career trajectory, Anthony hopes to continue to explore Entrepreneurship and develop his skills in General Contracting. He also enjoys hobbies of Ice

“Working with the FOX Sports U program opened my eyes to what marketing truly is. It allowed me to get an experience of what marketers do for a living.”

“This program gives a real-world experience to marketing and teaches you a lot about marketing.”

“This hands-on experience allowed me to truly learn what marketing entails rather than just read it in a book.”

Chris Downar

Chris Downar

Chris graduated from California State University at Northridge with a B.S. in Marketing in May 2014. He is presently working as an Internet Marketing Consultant & Social Media Manager. Chris is passionate about launching creative social media campaigns and effective online advertising.

“The FOX Sports U program was all encompassing. It taught me how to develop a marketing project from beginning to end.”

“You never know how or when a great idea will come to fruition. Ours came about very organically.”

“Don’t be afraid to abandon your initial ideas for a campaign when better ones arise.”

“Dare to be bold and show enthusiasm in your presentation. If you believe strongly in your ideas, let them see it.”

“When brainstorming as a group, always say what’s on your mind. What may seem insignificant might help your teammates spark new ideas.”


Fall 2013 Project Description

FOX Deportes challenged Internet Marketing students at California State University, Northridge to build a campaign around Golden Boy Boxing while targeting the 18 – 35 (Spanish/Bilingual) US male demographic.  Students focused on expanding the core fan base and leveraging the unique aspects of the league.


Professor Profile

Kristen Walker

Kristen Walker

Kristen Walker is an Associate Professor in the Department of Marketing at California State University Northridge. Her research interests include interactive marketing, social media, retail environments, brand preference, Big Data, and Internet privacy.  She is currently working on projects dealing with social networking sites and consumer privacy/protection and regularly uses client projects in her courses.  Dr. Walker designed the Interactive Marketing Minor at CSUN, encouraging a variety of majors to understand the changing role of consumer information, its permanence and power in the marketplace.  Recently her classes have partnered with Fox Creative University creating a national campaign for UFC/Fox Deportes and consulted with Buzzine, a multi-platform content network that connects artists, audience and advertising.

She began her academic career earning a Masters in Public Administration examining marketing efforts in the public sector with the US Army “Be All You Can Be” campaign.  Building on her interest in the public sector, information sharing, and interactive environments, she earned her PhD from UCLA examining the relationship between marketing, public policy and higher education. Professor Walker has advised MBA students and undergraduates as part of the Wells Fargo Small Business Institute. She was awarded first place in the 2010 Graduate Specialized Project of the Year Competition as project supervisor for the Agora Realty and Management, Inc. team.  She consults for small businesses and non-profits in a variety of industries. When she finds spare time, she is an avid fan of music and addicted to attending live concerts.

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