Fall 2013
Tulane University

FOX Sports New Orleans and Tulane University teamed up for the first time to engage Freeman School of Business students in a real-life marketing and communications project. Students were challenged to promote Louisiana High School sports (and the LHSAA) on FOX Sports New Orleans. In order to develop their ideas, students researched current fans of high school football and attended high school games throughout the semester. Each team then presented their findings with suggested sales, sponsorship, on-air, social media, grassroots, and online marketing campaign tactics to the FOX Sports New Orleans team. The winning campaign was incorporated into a multi-media campaign that launched in Fall/Winter 2013.


John Howard

John Howard has been working in the marketing field for 45 years. He earned an AB in English Literature at Boston College, an MBA in marketing at Columbia University, and a PhD in marketing at Pennsylvania State University. At J. Walter Thompson, he managed the Gillette and Scott Paper accounts, and at Vick Chemical he managed the Clearasil brand. He teaches marketing at Tulane University, ...See More