Fall 2013
Baylor University

FOX Sports Southwest and Baylor University teamed up for the first time in the fall of 2013 to engage students in a real-life marketing and sponsorship project. Baylor students were tasked with promoting Texas high school sports on FOX Sports Southwest. In order to prepare their campaigns, students researched current fans of high school sports and attended high school games and behind the scenes tours throughout the semester. The winning project was incorporated into a multi-media campaign that launched in Fall/Winter 2013.

Check out a behind-the-scenes look into the "The Future of Football Starts Here" campaign that was developed out of ideas from the 2013 Baylor University class.


Kirk Wakefield

Kirk Wakefield, Edwin W. Streetman Professor of Retail Marketing. As Executive Director of the Sports & Entertainment academic programs at Baylor University, Kirk established the industry-leading Baylor S3 Report (www.baylors3.com), the See More