Robert Dewitt

ASU – Fall 2012

Arizona State University

Where did you go to school and when did you graduate? What was your FOX Sports U project about?

I went to school at Arizona State University.  I graduated May 2014 from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass communication.  The FOX Sports U project my class had was to rebrand to FOX Sports Next.


What is your current title – what job responsibilities fall under this role?

Currently I am a marketing coordinator for the Regional Marketing department in Los Angeles.  I contribute in a few areas of the group including on-air promotion, finance, and assisting in our digital and social efforts for FOX Sports University.


What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is being able to contribute to effective marketing practices throughout the company.  For a company growing as quickly FOX Sports is, you really see the potential to contribute in many areas down the road.


How did your time working on a FOX Sports University project help pave your career path?

Hard to believe one project or class got me to where I am today, but in my case this is a fact.


In Fall 2012 I was a Sports Broadcast major and Junior at Arizona State.  I had never considered the business side of sports as a viable career option for me, but I was starting to feel like maybe the sports journalism route wasn’t for me.  After completing the project over the fall semester I realized that this was something that I truly enjoyed doing and hoped to find a way to cross over into the sports marketing field.


Fast forward to May of 2013… FOX Sports reached out to my professor asking for potential interns and I submitted my name for an interview.  After landing the internship over the summer of 2013, I returned to school with a goal to get back to FOX Sports as soon as I could.  Upon graduation, I received a call from the same team I interned with asking if I would like to join as the new coordinator. If it hadn’t been for the class, or the internship, I don’t think I would have been able to enter the sports marketing field right out of school.


What skills or traits would you consider vital for anyone entering the sports and entertainment field post-college?

For our generation, many of us want to see immediate results and progress quickly. Patience and diligence are two traits I feel are important for anyone entering the sports and entertainment field.  Nothing is handed to you, especially when you are swinging for the fences.  You may end up starting in a sports or entertainment company doing something that you didn’t really have in mind when you envisioned graduating, don’t let that be discouraging.  Master it, and prove that you are capable of providing value at a higher level in the company.