Oscar Vargas

CSUN – Fall 2013

California State University, Northridge

Where did you go to school and when did you graduate? What was your FOX Sports U project about?

I was in the Cal State – Northridge, Fall 2013 FOX Sports U class. My project involved engaging Hispanic viewership across FOX Deportes’ UFC programming.

What is your current title – what job responsibilities fall under this role?

My current title is Senior Research Analyst – Consumer Insights and Program Strategies for FOX Sports. I aid Sales, Marketing, Digital, Programming and many other departments in developing new strategies as they pertain to consumer insights and long-term program planning by conducting primary research (focus groups, surveys, ethnographic research, etc…). I also oversee entire research projects from beginning to end and analyze the results, which are presented in comprehensive dashboards to managers and executives. I respond to ad hoc information requests from multiple departments by compiling relevant data and interpreting into a clear and useful format.

How did your time working on a FOX Sports University project help pave your career path?

It gave me an opportunity to work on a “real-world project” and offered a small, revealing glimpse into the sports industry. It’s sort of like an NBA team bringing you in for a workout before the draft. They show you around the facility, you get to use their equipment, and you get a taste of what it feels like to be an NBA player…but you’re still a prospect. FOX Sports University was my “pre-draft workout” – it solidified my decision to pursue a career in the sports industry.

What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite part is that it doesn’t feel like a job and, as a Research Analyst, I get to see what our consumers think about our content and products. I get to travel to different parts of the U.S. and talk to local consumers about their local teams or sports in general. For a huge sports fan like myself, that’s a dream come true


What skills or traits would you consider vital for anyone entering the sports and entertainment field post-college?

I would say work hard, follow through with everything, and don’t be afraid to reach out for help. I kept telling myself I would reach out to the FOX Sports U representatives about a possible internship after my project was done for about 2 MONTHS, but I never did. Why? Not really sure, but one day I decided to follow through with my plan and asked if they had an open internship. Once I was in, I worked hard and was able to get promoted twice in less than a year and a half. If I can do it, anyone can.