About the Program


FOX Sports University is a program that FOX Sports developed with prestigious academic and athletic institutions from around the country. The program is designed to enhance the relationships with our partners and reinforce our commitment to the community. This commitment allows us to cultivate the creative minds of the future, expanding our sports platform into the academic realm at select universities. Each class partners with a FOX Sports Media Group business to address a marketing, research, technology or strategy challenge that the business faces. Students team up to create real-world solutions, products and campaigns to address the business challenge.


"In cities like Green Bay, being a fan is part of who you are because that’s all you have,” Liz says, ”LA is busy and fast, but I think people here have a hidden attraction for the spirit of the small-town sports fan – it’s that sense of belonging we all instinctively long for. Researching to find the avenue to reflect the psyche of the diehard sports fan, in an amount that was digestable to everyone else, was very rewarding."

Elizabeth Chapin - USC 2010