University of South Florida
University of North Carolina
The Ohio State University
Howard University
New York University
Indiana University
Michigan State University
University of Alabama

Through the [FOX Sports] University program, I learned quite a bit about the world of marketing that will serve me very well in the...

University of Minnesota
Xavier University
California State University, Northridge
Baylor University
St. John’s University
University of Washington
DePaul University

The [FOX Sports] U program has enabled us as journalists to dream. If it weren’t for this program, I never would have had such an...

University of Maryland
Rutgers University
Northwestern University

Working on the FOX Sports West campaign has really taught me a lot about the research project from start to finish and how to go about...

University of Wisconsin

Through working with [FOX Sports] University I was able to gain valuable experience in the marketing research design process, hone my...

Penn State University
University of Iowa
Arizona State University

I was ecstatic when I found out FOX Sports Midwest was our client for the semester. The experiences we gained from this opportunity were...

The hands-on experience that I earned through this class doesn’t compare to anything I have learned in a classroom during my entire...

University of Oregon
University of Michigan
University of Pittsburgh
San Diego State University
Butler University
University of Missouri
University of Florida
University of Nebraska
Georgetown University
Syracuse University

To be able to see something through from beginning to end was incredible, and to see it come to life is the best reward. This was, by...

Auburn University
Villanova University

In cities like Green Bay, being a fan is part of who you are because that’s all you have,” Liz says, ”LA is busy and fast, but I think...

Seton Hall University
University of Southern California
Southern Methodist University
Tulane University
Columbia University
Savannah College of Art and Design
University of Notre Dame
Marquette University
University of Arizona