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Fall 2015 Winners - Dream Team

Olivia Bahou

Olivia Bahou

Olivia Bahou is a senior in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, graduating in December of 2015. She is majoring in magazine journalism, with a minor in world literature and an Integrated Marketing Communications certificate. She has had internships at, Seventeen, and People StyleWatch, and is interested in combining her marketing knowledge and her passion for magazines in her career. Outside of school, she enjoys watching and playing tennis, traveling, and reading anything and everything she can get her hands on.

“I loved being able to combine my experience writing for teenage girls and my work with social media to come up with a relevant and fun proposal for the NWSL.”

“The FOX Sports challenge was an amazing opportunity to apply our in-class knowledge to an engaged and exciting client and really bring these ideas and concepts to life.”

“I can’t wait to see what the NSWL and the FOX Sports team do with our idea and how it helps them to grow and raise awareness of these incredible female athletes.”

Kara Weinstein

Kara Weinstein

Kara Weinstein is a senior at Northwestern studying English literature, environmental policy and culture, and integrated marketing and communications. At Northwestern, Kara has been involved in Sustained Dialogue as a moderator, president of the Northwestern Equestrian team, and is trained as a listener for a peer listening hotline. After graduation, she hopes to teach English abroad for the next year and upon return pursue a career in marketing. If her nose is not in a book, Kara can be found horseback riding, cooking or watching Gilmore Girls.

“The experience I gained working with the NWSL and FOX Sports will be invaluable as I look forward to my future.”

“For the first time, I was able to apply the skills I have learned through Medill’s Integrated Marketing and Communications certificate in a work environment with a real client. I would not have the opportunity to gain this type of experience in any other class.”

“Working with my teammates, I was able to see our combined strengths come together during the creative process to create our winning plan.”

Connor O'Keefe

Connor O'Keefe

Connor is Senior at Northwestern University studying Learning and Organizational Change. He is originally from Duxbury, Massachusetts. Connor plays to pursue a career in Human Resources and will start working at Capital One in July 2016 as a Human Resources Rotational Program Associate. He loves to play tennis, basketball and ski and closely follows football, basketball and professional tennis in his free time.

“The best thing about the Fox Sports U program is the high level of value they place on student ideas. This was evident from the client briefing, midterm meetings, final presentation and the individualized feedback for each group.”

“The Fox Sports U and NWSL team encouraged the development of unique ideas by each group. It was interesting to see how six groups with the same original task developed six very different ideas.”

“The Fox Sports Challenge taught me to consistently look deeper to find insights that drive business success. The best presentations had the deepest insights. The deepest insights showed the most extensive research.”

Miriam Gilbert

Miriam Gilbert

Miriam Gilbert is a senior at Northwestern, majoring in Communication Studies, minoring in Business Institutions, and pursuing a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. She has spent her summers working in marketing and advertising and is planning on pursuing a career in advertising after she graduates in June 2016. Miriam is the Managing Editor of PROMPT, a literary magazine on campus. In addition to reading, Miriam likes to spend time outside by Lake Michigan and with her friends and family.

“Having the opportunity to work with a real client was an invaluable experience and something we don’t usually get to experience in the classroom.”

“We really got to make the project our own by applying what we’ve learned in class to coming up with a campaign that we thought would improve the NWSL’s marketing strategy.”


Michelle Reisin

Michelle Reisin

Michelle Reisin is a senior at Northwestern University majoring in Psychology and pursuing a minor in the Business Institutions Program, as well as an Integrated Marketing Communications Certificate from the Medill School of Journalism. After she graduates in June 2016 she hopes to pursue a career in marketing or advertising. In her free time, Michelle enjoys traveling, photography, cooking, playing golf and cheering on the Chicago Cubs.

“The Fox Sports Challenge was a great way to merge classroom learning with solving real business problems.”

“I felt that our voices were being heard, even as undergraduate students.”

“Fox Sports University really challenged us to continue pushing our thoughts and integrating our ideas.”

Daniel Rufolo

Daniel Rufolo

Dan Rufolo is a senior at Northwestern University, where he is majoring in Radio/Television/Film with a minor in Business Institutions and a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. Originally from Atlanta, Dan has spent time in startups, as an operations assistant for Chicago-based DRYV, as well as in the beverage industry, as a Sales and Marketing Intern for Chicago-based Revolution Brewing; his extended time in Chicago has fueled his die-hard passion for the Cubs and the Blackhawks. In addition to his passion for sports, Dan loves the outdoors, making trips to Zion National Park and canoeing the Missouri River in Montana in the past year. After Northwestern, he hopes to have a marketing job in the sports or beer industry.

“Fox Sports University gives students the invaluable opportunity to get real-world experience, working with a team and client in meaningful ways.”

“Working with the National Women’s Soccer League and Fox Sports allowed my classmates and me to really take control of our project, encouraging our ideas and giving us great feedback every step of the way.”

“As I go forward in my career, I will be happy to look back at the lessons I learned from the Fox Sports Challenge, especially the power of working together as a team and the importance of committing to a vision and a voice.”


Fall 2015 Project Description

FOX Sports teamed up with Northwestern University and challenged students to elevate fan awareness and engagement with the National Women’s Soccer League’s teams, games, players and broadcast partner.


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